3hourjob.Com Review: Legit or Scam Site? – Discover Here

3hourjob.Com Review: Legit or Scam Site? – Discover Here

Working from home has always been the dream of many. Being able to overcome the barrier and stress of waking up every morning, having to beat traffic, and get to the office on time would sound as a big catch for many.

Since a lot of people have decided to look into the work-from-home craze and syndrome, we’ve also decided to do a proper review of a known work-from-home website- 3hourjob.com.

So is 3hourjob.Com legit or a scam? Find out from this article as you read to the end.

3hourjob.Com Review
3hourjob.Com Review

What is 3HourJob and is it a Scam?

3HourJob is the latest get-rich-quick scheme circulating throughout the consumer marketplace.

Asserting that everyday people can generate up to $500 per day, 3HourJob was a hastily created scam with many faults.

Reflecting a similar template to the extensive collection of fake Amazon earning websites that swept ruthlessly online through the consumer marketplace, 3HourJob appears to be of the same kin.

3HourJob is a scam operating as an illicit online earning opportunity.

Functioning as an ‘online work at home programs,’ 3 Hour Job asserts that consumers can get paid $500 every day for just working a few hours a day.

While this may hold true for some individuals, these unrealistic income assertions are the beginning of what we deem to be a get-rich-quick scheme.

When you go to visit 3HourJob, depending upon where you reside, it will dictate which URL re-direction you are sent too- Quora.

Features and the Modus Operandi of 3HourJob

Understanding how this kind of websites operates will help you to avoid being swindle.

Here you will be shown nine Red Flags That Tell you 3hourjob.com is a Scam.

Scammers are smart people who continually refine their strategies and techniques to trick new people. The people running 3hourjon.com are no different.

However, you must also watch out for warning signs that you come across on this site. Read on as we list out nine red flags that indicate that this site is a scam.

  1. Sounds too good to be true

Like most get-rich-quick scams, this site also offers to eliminate all your financial worries quickly. Sounds too good to be true- it probably is.

No legit company will make a bold claim like this.

  1. Not secure and inaccessible website

The website does not have an SSL certificate and is not using an https protocol.

  1. No ‘About Us’  page

Any legitimate business should have an ‘About Us’ page on their website. There is no information about who owns the site or where it is located.

  1. No ‘Contact us’ page

The ‘Contact Us’ page is essential for any business. This way, you can find out if the address and telephone numbers actually exist, and the company is also legitimate.

This website provides no information other than an email and a small support link at the bottom of the page.

  1. Low trust score

According to Scamdoc.com, 3hourjobs.com has a trust score of just 11%. The domain name is new and was registered on 2nd May 2019.

  1. ‘F’ rating on BBBfor 3hourjob.com

According to the Better Business Bureau, 3hourjob.com has an ‘F’ rating.

Also, the website is not accredited by BBB and 3hourjob.com has been in business for only one year.

  1. Require you to pay for access

Legitimate work-from-home websites do not need the jobseekers to make any payment. Also, if you need to pay to get access to a particular site or platform, it is probably a fake.

When to go to 3hourjob.com, you are redirected to a page that promises you access to a job site for $9. This is deficiently a red flag, stay away from such scams.

  1. Fake claims

This website claims that they have been seen on CNN, MSNBC, USAToday, and ABC. This is a blatant lie.

In addition, there are no articles or any other references about 3hourjob.com and their ‘wonderful’ work-from-home opportunities on these websites.

  1. Pressurising tactics

The site has been design to pressurize people into signing up and paying up as soon as possible. The site has countdown timers or a graphic that shows the number of available jobs going down.

This tactic may scare you into signing up quickly before the jobs run out.

  1. Negative Reviews

You can find too many complaints on 3hourjob .com. They are also known to send voicemail messages, phone calls, emails and more.

Summary and Conclusion

In conclusion, you have been shown that the website 3hourjob.com is scam and should be avoided. Taking heed to the advice on this page will be a big saver for you.

If you decide to be careless, you will lose much more than you can afford. Please stay safe and keep visiting our page for more.


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