Adidas Product Testing: Ultimate Guide to Becoming and Adidas Product Tester

Adidas Product Testing
Hong Kong - March 26, 2021 : Adidas store in Hong Kong. It is a famous sportswear company.

Adidas Product Testing: Ultimate Guide to Becoming and Adidas Product Tester.

Have you always wanted to be an Adidas product tester? Chances are that you are reading this article now because you search for it intentionally or by recommendation. Don’t worry as we have you covered with our ultimate guide on Adidas Product Testing.

Adidas Product Testing

Before we proceed, let us talk about something very important and life-changing, which is Reebok. Reebok is also owned by Adidas. It provides its own product testing service that operates just like Adidas. Head over to and apply

How to Become an Adidas Product Tester- Application Guide and Requirements

To apply, Adidas product testers must meet some minimum requirements which include;

  • Residing in the United State
  • Internet access and a valid email address
  • Read and write in English
  • Age 18 or older
  • Provide body measurements
  • Not test any competitor products
  • Not share information related to products being tested via social media, personal messaging or other forms of communication.

In signing up to become an adidas product tester, you first apply by filling out their application survey. Make sure that your email address is valid. Questions regarding the requirements above such as your body measurement will be asked.

If you meet the criteria then you qualify and will be selected. The selection will be based on criteria such as shoe/apparel size, demographic profile, geographic location, sport and athletic profile. You can click the link below to apply and become an Adidas Product Tester.

How Does the Adidas Testing Program Work?

You have to know how the Adidas Testing Program works providing you have been selected.

Upon selection, you will receive an email to inviting you to participate. If you choose to participate, you will receive a complimentary test gear with instructions on how long to wear the product or the amount of mileage.

Upon wearing the products for the required period of time, testers will mail the product back to the company and adidas will pay for the shipping, evaluation is then done by Adidas after the product has been mailed back.

During the testing period, the testers are required to keep a detailed log of activities as they will need to complete a survey at the end.

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This article has discussed How to become and Adidas Product Tester, the methods to apply and sign up as well as the requirement and how the adidas product testing program works. We have covered everything that you need to know and we believe that you have been thoroughly satisfied with the information. Please share this article and leave a comment behind in the comment box below.

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