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Find the difference Fortnite | Fornite Spot the Difference | Code, and Answers- A very good way to test your knowledge is through the find the difference Fortnite puzzle game. It creates new maps daily and it helps improve your knowledge by helping you find solutions to the new puzzle maps. The puzzle maps have become the most popular map types in Fortnite. This is due to the fact they cover a variety of different styles of find the difference games and they always come up with outstanding ones such as finding hidden objects in escape rooms and fun puzzles.

If you’re looking for the recent and most popular puzzle map where you can find the difference and hidden object in Fortnite, then this article is for you. We’ve been able to compile the newest find the difference maps that stand out in their various ways and we got them by analyzing their level of being unmatchable, unique, difficult and amazing designs.

Top 5 Find the difference Fortnite

  1. Find the difference Halloween edition

Irrespective of the year the find the difference Halloween edition was released, people still enjoy playing it and that has made it one of the most popular Fortnite spot the difference puzzle game. It has an exquisite scary design with two sides to a puzzle that represents the same image. Just as you know, one of the image contains different objects that cannot be found on the other image and in order for you to make progress in the game, you’ll be asked to find the difference. The Halloween edition requires you to have extreme patience and focus to details on the game so you can be able to find the difference easily. The map code is 8222-8452-1872.

  1. The guard’s puzzle keep

Just as the name of implies, it is a guard puzzle that requires you to go through a keep, explore it and find an escape path. As you explore the keep, you will find various secret passages and keys that are hidden that you’ll be expected to unlock by finding the difference in each passage. As you go through the puzzle, you will find different puzzles and images that will definitely force you to use your brain and critical thinking to solve. The map code is 7709-8759-7393.

  1. The Ultimate find the button

Find the button games are not new concept games but the Fortnite find the difference concept has made it popular with rarity. On this concept, you are put in the same area all over again each time you complete a mission and you’re still given the task of finding the ultimate button. It might look easy but as you go higher in the game, you will have to conduct a thorough research to find the difference and know where something must’ve been hidden. The map code is 5519-7078-3364.

  1. The Derponce Fortnite find the difference

This find the difference Fortnite was designed by Derponce and although it is similar to other find the difference puzzles but the difference is in the simple design and the fact that it requires you to have good observation and concentration skills. The simple design is unique and just like other puzzle games, you’ll be asked to find the difference between two similar images and any difference found must be tagged with a gun. The map code is 6278-1230-9351.

  1. Neon find the difference

The last but definitely not the least on the list of the top 5 find the difference Fortnite game is the neon find the difference concept. It was created by Shannan who is also a Fortnite creative. Just like other find the difference games, this game requires you to find the minor changes between two similar images. The map code is 3314-6676-0978.

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The Find the difference Fortnite developers never fail to come up with new puzzle maps every season and each of these maps and puzzles vary in difficulty. If you’re down for some brain exercise, then you should check out the popular Fortnite games outlined in this article and be sure to grab your friends to try out each of them with you as they require some level of critical thinking and attention to details. What are you waiting for? Just enter the map code and start playing now!



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