Franking Credit Calculators- A Guide on How to Use

Franking Credit Calculators- A Guide on How to Use

Franking Credit Calculators- A Guide on How to Use-Franking Credit Calculators and franking credits as well as how they are calculated with the calculators will be discussed in this article.

Franking Credit Calculators- A Guide on How to Use
Franking Credit Calculators- A Guide on How to Use

Franking Credit or Imputation Credit is a tax credit type that is paid by organizations/coporations to their shareholders in addition to their dividends of payment.

This article will look into the following; franking credit calculator excel,

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In countries such as Australia Franking Credit is allowed as a way to reduced or eradicate double taxation.

Franking credit calculators are tools that are used to calculate the amount of franking credits that an individual or company is entitled to. Franking credits, also known as imputation credits, are a sort of tax benefit that Australian corporations can pass on to their shareholders to assist them pay less tax on their dividends.

You will need to know the amount of the dividend, the franking percentage, and your personal tax rate to compute franking credits. The franking percentage is the amount of tax paid by the corporation on its profits prior to distributing dividends to shareholders. Most Australian businesses set this ratio at 30%.

There are several online franking credit calculators available to assist you establish how many franking credits you are entitled to. To calculate your franking credit entitlement, some of these calculators allow you to enter your dividend amount, franking percentage, and tax rate. Others may want extra information, such as your income or eligibility for other tax benefits.

It’s crucial to remember that franking credit rules can be complicated, and the amount of franking credits you’re entitled to depend on a variety of criteria, including your personal circumstances and the type of investment you own. Seek counsel from a financial expert or accountant to verify you’re calculating your franking credit entitlement accurately.

Franking Credits- What are there?

Franking credits are a tax credit provided alongside dividends for corporation tax that an Australian company has already paid. Consider BHP (ASX: BHP): if they produce $100 million in pre-tax profit, they will pay 30% tax (which is $30 million). As a result, there will be $70 million in after-tax earnings. If they elect to distribute the entire $70 million to shareholders as a fully franked dividend, they will receive a $30 million franking credit. This franking credit helps to avoid double taxation because BHP has already paid tax on its profit, and the investor who receives the dividend may have to pay tax on the dividend income as well.

How to Calculate Franking Credit Offset

The term “franking credit offset” refers to the tax credit that an Australian resident shareholder receives for the tax that a firm has already paid on its profits. Follow the steps below to calculate the franking credit offset:

Step 1: Calculate the dividend amount.

The first step is to calculate the amount of dividends you got from the corporation. You can find this amount on your dividend statement or on your tax return.

Step 2: Determine the franking credit.

Dividends are multiplied by the franking credit rate to calculate the franking credit. The franking credit rate is the tax rate that the corporation pays on its profits. It is often referred to as the imputation credit.

Dividend amount x franking credit = franking credit

For instance, if the dividend is $1,000 and the franking credit rate is 30%, the franking credit would be as follows:

$1,000 × 30% = $300 franking credit

Step 3: Apply the franking credit to your tax liability.

You can use the franking credit to reduce your tax liability. If your franking credit exceeds your tax liability, you will be refunded the difference. If your tax liability exceeds the franking credit, you must pay the difference.

For example, if your tax liability is $200 and the franking credit is $300, you can apply the franking credit to your tax due and obtain a $100 refund.

Please keep in mind that the criteria for computing franking credit offsets can be complicated and may differ based on your circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns, you should consult with a tax specialist or a financial counselor.


In this article, you have seen the meaning of Franking Credit, Franking Credit Calculator and how to calculate Franking Credit Offset. Please leave a comment in the comment section, let’s know what you think. Share your opinion.

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