Great Carp Sekiro | How to Kill The Great Colored Carp in Sekiro

Great Carp Sekiro
Great Carp Sekiro

Great Carp Sekiro | How to Kill The Great Colored Carp in Sekiro: The great Carp in Sekiro is an enormous fish that can be found at the Fountainhead Palace. It can be easily spotted when a gamer is approaching the flower viewing stage. The second place you can see it is at the cave just close to the lake where it clings on tightly to a wolf while dealing with a large amount of critical damage. It hides in the ruins of the cave but if spotted, it completely destroys the structure of the cave.

Great Carp Sekiro
Great Carp Sekiro

When the great Carp gets to the end of the cave, he goes straight to the small hole by the side of the building and stops clinging on to the wolf. The wolf can see it as an advantage to feed the great Carp the truly precious baits found at the feeding ground and that act alone would kill the Great Carp. This might seem as a very complicated task to carry out but with the help of this guide, you’ll have no problem in finding the great carp and killing it.

How to find the feeding ground of the Great Carp

As a player in Sekiro, you are given a swimming ability and that ability comes in handy when you have an underwater combat. While making your way underwater in Sekiro, you will come across a great carp. So if you want to make your way though the game, you’ll need to go through the fountainhead palace. Have it in mind that the great carp is not the real villain of the game but they’re rewards to those who choose to face it. If you’re one of the brave few who wishes to take the risk, you can use the steps below to find the great carp;

  1. You must make your way to the great Sakura idol. Once you’re there, run and jump into the lake and swim through till you find a half sunk house with a NPC on it.
  2. You can choose to speak to the NPC to know more about the great carp. After speaking to the NPC, you are expected to swim to the feeding ground.
  3. While you swim to the feeding ground, go behind the building with the NPC on it and look left to find the Cave.
  4. Make your way through the cave quietly so you don’t draw the attention of the great carp.
  5. Once you’ve gone through the cave successfully, you can hookshot out of the water and move to the sculpture idol in the palace ground.
  6. Go through the palace ground and leave through the far door. Turn to your left side and look at the roof of the house. Hookshot and run along the roof and look for the nearest tree at your left hand side you can hookshot to.
  7. Move to the roof below and hookshot to the next roof then drop down on the raised area of the platform.
  8. Jump down to reach the feeding grounds.

How to find the truly precious baits

You can find and get the truly precious baits from the port noble merchants known as Koremori and Harunaga.  They might not have it immediately but as long as you keep giving them carp scales in large quantities then they will each reward you with the truly precious baits. The baits have the same name and they may seem different but they still serve the same purpose. You will be given the instruction to take the precious bait to the great carp to receive a secret treasure.

After receiving first bait from Harunaga, go through the building you came from, move to the front door and turn left to get to the waterfall. It may look like a dead end here but you can jump to the next tree and you will find a grapple point just close to the cliff. Go through the cave and jump onto the roof where you will find the second pot merchant. He will complain about the first merchant while revealing his secret but he will also give you his truly precious bait and leave you with some instructions on how to kill the Great Carp.

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How to use the truly precious baits

You’ll need to make your way to the feeding ground at the fountainhead palace where you will find the great carp. If you find it difficult to go back through the same way you came, you can teleport to the sanctuary, climb down the stairs and go outside to climb up to the roof. Use the far left corner and hold on to a branch which leads you directly to the feeding ground.

Ring the bell to the right and you will find the carp swimming up to the railing. You’ll be give two options here: use truly precious baits or precious bait. Select the truly precious bait option and choose the merchant’s bait you wish to feed to the great Carp. Whichever truly precious bait you use will kill the Great carp and the merchant of the bait you feed to the great carp will also die while the surviving merchant will take the inventory of the other and turn into a carp.

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After killing the great carp, you will receive a secret treasure and you won’t lose your access to any item. You must feed the great carp the truly precious bait twice to kill it completely. After killing the great carp, you can rest at the sculpture idol to speak with the daughter of the attendant to complete the quest.

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