How to close M&T bank account online | Its really not impossible to close your M&T bank account online. There are some situations where you would need to close your bank account and in that aspect, you might really not have the time to start running to your bank to close it. Which is why you need to know how to close your M&T bank account online to save your time and save you from any stress and inconvenience. Asides that, whatever reason you may have for deciding to close your bank account, after going through this article, you’ll know how to do so with more additional information you may need.

How to close M&T bank account online
How to close M&T bank account online

How to close your M&T bank account online

If you ever decide to close your M&T bank account, have it in mind that it is not a hard task, as matter of fact it is actually very easy to do so. However, there are still some important things you need to do as a M&T bank user, so you don’t end up jeopardizing your bank account. First things first, before closing your m&t bank account you’ll need to know the type of account you’re using as it determines how you would end up closing the M&T account.

  • Personal/Savings M&T bank account

The personal/savings account were usually closed by going to the M&T branch. Due to the new innovation, you can easily close any personal M&T bank account by making a request known as an out-of-the area request and that can be done by sending a mail to any M&T branch with your phone or PC.  You can also decide to close the account online by reaching out to the M&T call center or the M&T online banking platform to make and process your request. It is important to know that if you have up to $1000 and above in your M&T bank account, and you still wish to close it, you must make a notarized M&T account closing request.


  • Current/Business account

To close a M&T current/business account online, you must have it in mind that there will be no interest attached. If you want to close an interest-bearing M&T account, you’ll need to go to any M&T branch close to you but if you don’t need an interest, then you can close it online by sending a mail to any M&T bank branch or through the authorized M&T banking platform. You can also close it by reaching out to the M&T Contact Center at 1-800-724-6070.

What to do before closing a M&T bank account online

  • You must stop all payments and withdrawal from your account before closing it online. Payments such as credit and debit card transactions, all unpaid check bills and regular bill payments.
  • You must stop all transfer of money into and out of your account.
  • You must transfer all the funds that has been deposited into your account to keep your money safe and accessible.
  • You must close your account through the authorized M&T banking system to stop additional fees and service charges from being charged from your account.
  • If you have an overdraft line of credit, you must pay it off before closing your account.


By the course of this article, you can see that closing the M&T bank account is not a tough deal. As long as you use the information given, you’ll have no problem closing it. If you need any additional help and information, you can reach out to any M&T branch closer to you.