How to Make a Bed in Terraria in 2023: A Useful Guide

How to Make a Bed in Terraria in 2022: A Useful Guide
How to Make a Bed in Terraria in 2022: A Useful Guide

How to Make a Bed in Terraria in 2023: A Useful Guide | Making a bed in terraria can provide many benefits to you as you play. Just as you know, it helps to improve regeneration and also pass time while you rest and sleep. However, making the bed might seem as a complicated task but it is actually easy especially when you’ve set up the base away from the spawn point after playing.

The Spawn point is the most important part as it plays a big role in the development of the characters. To make the bed, you only need to follow all the steps in making it carefully and all the information you need to know about how to make a bed has been disclosed in this article as well as some additional tips you may find useful. Let’s dig deeper.

How to Make a Bed in Terraria in 2022: A Useful Guide
How to Make a Bed in Terraria in 2023: A Useful Guide

What you need to make a bed in terraria

To make a bed in terraria, there are some basic tools you will need and even if there are different types of bed, keep in mind that they all serve the same purpose. To make a regular bed in terraria, you’ll need direct access to the sawmill which can be made by using the following tools;

  • 10 pieces of wood
  • 5 silk
  • 2 lead bars or iron
  • A chain which must be placed at the crafting table
  • 12 wood for a loom
  • 10 wood for workbench
  • Furnace (4 logs of wood, 20 stone blocks and 3 torches)
  • An anvil for an iron and lead bar
  • A furnace for an iron bar

Preparation of crafting station for the bed in Terraria

Just before you know how to make a bed in terraria, you need to prepare all the tools and equipment needed to make the bed to make the stations for crafting easier and you do so, you must use the steps outlined below;

  • Use the 10 pieces of wood to craft out a workbench
  • While you use the workbench, dig out the stone blocks to make a furnace and shorten the wood
  • Melt down the iron or the lead bar in the furnace to make an iron bar
  • Craft out the Anvil on the workbench
  • Use the iron bar to construct a chain like structure in the Anvil
  • Construct a sawmill while using the workbench with a wood, iron bar and a chain
  • Construct a loom using the 12 wood for the sawmill

How to make a simple bed in Terraria

If you want to make a simple bed in Terraria to enhance your Spawn point and pass time, you must carefully use the steps outlined to avoid mistakes as the crafting system for a bed in Terraria is usually difficult to understand. After you’ve gathered all the necessary tools and equipment needed to make the bed and you’ve prepared your station for crafting, you can use the steps below to make a simple regular bed;

Step 1: Use the 10 pieces of wood to construct a workbench

To construct the workbench, you can use the axe given to you at the Terraria to cut down trees to obtain 10 pieces of wood. After that, select the option to construct/craft the workbench and once you’re done, you can prepare the workbench and arrange it for use by choosing the workbench in the inventory.

Step 2: while you use the workbench, select 4 wood, 3 torches and 20 stone blocks to create a furnace

Use the axe found in the inventory to find the stone blocks located underground and find the touches by killing all the slimes. Select the workbench option and carefully search for the option to create a furnace.

Step 3: Use the furnace to melt the lead bars or iron used

Step 4: Still using the workbench, make an anvil by using the 5 newly created lead bars

The newly created lead bars are gotten from melting the lead bars with the furnace and to make an anvil, you must bind the 5 newly created lead bars.

Step 5: Use the anvil to make chains with the help of the lead bar or iron

Step 6: Still using the workbench, you can select any 10 wood of your choice, 2 lead bar or iron and a chain to construct a sawmill.

The sawmill is needed to construct some furniture and wood needed for crafting. Melt 2 lead bar and combine them to the 10 pieces of wood and chain gotten at any anvil to create the sawmill.

Step 7: Create a loom to by using 12 pieces of any kind of wood at the sawmill and 35 cobwebs (you can find cobwebs in caves and areas underground) to make 5 silk

Step 8: While you are in the sawmill, use 15 wood and 5 silk to make the bed.

As soon as you get the amount of silk you need which is 5, you must go back to the sawmill and join the silk gotten with the 15 wood to make the bed. You can place the bed in a room and get it registered as the new spawn point.

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From this article, you have seen and known how to make the most simple and basic bed in Terraria. As aforementioned earlier, there are different types of bed you can make in Terraria and although they serve the same purpose, they only differ in terms of material and crafting station but the process is almost the same.



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