roblox counter blox trading

Roblox Counter Blox Trading | This is How to Trade- Sure Guide

Roblox Counter Blox Trading | This is How to Trade. If you’re a big fan of video games and trading, Roblox counter blox is for you. It is a first person shooter game created in 2015 by a group of developers known as ROLVe. The counter blox game has been recognized as one of the most popular games ever since the team of developers released the re-mastered version in 2018.

Counter blox has received over 700 million visits on Roblox and it has a record of over 2 million players daily with 1.5 million favorites. It is one of the best first person shooter games in the online gaming community. In the course of this article and subsequent paragraphs, we would tell you all you need to know about the Roblox counter blox game and how you can get rare items that are redeemable and would hopefully put you ahead of other players.

roblox counter blox trading
roblox counter blox trading

How it works

As aforementioned above, the Roblox counter blox is a first person shooter game developed by the ROLVe community. The plot of the game is based on the 2012 Valve counter strike game known as the global offensive. Although the Valve game is still playable, it was removed from the gaming community in 2018 and it was replaced with the Roblox counter blox game. Just like the regular video games with maps and missions, the Counter blox game also has maps and missions with fun quests. The maps are listed below;

  • De_aztec (Aztec)
  • De_dust2 (Dust ll)
  • De_cache (Cache)
  • De_inferno (Inferno)
  • De_Vertigo (Vertigo)
  • Cs_Office (Office)
  • Cs_agency (Agency)
  • De_Fallen (Fallen)
  • De_seaside (Seaside)
  • De_metro (Metro)

With a total of 10 maps, the game expects you to complete the quests in each map locations to acquire rewards and special tokens. In each map location, you will encounter some enemies and terrorists an example of terrorists are the pirates at the seaside, separatists at the inferno and Phoenix gods at the Cache, Metro, Aztec and Vertigo. As you complete quests, you’ll need to purchase new weapons from the item store and to make it easier for you, we already put down the price of each weapon.


  • Glock-18 – Default weapon.
  • P250 – $200
  • Tec-9 – $500
  • Berettas – $300
  • CZ75-Auto – $500
  • Desert eagle – $700

Heavy weapons

  • Sawed-off – $1200
  • Nova – $1200
  • XM1014 – $2000
  • M249 – $4000
  • Negev – $2000

Extra weapons

  • Mac-10 – $1200
  • Ump-45 – $1200
  • Thompson – $1400
  • MP7 – $1700
  • P90 – $2350


  • Galil AR – $2000
  • Scout – $1700
  • AK-47 – $2900
  • SG533 – $3500
  • G3SG1 – $5000
  • AWP – $5750


  • Smoke grenade – $300
  • Flashbang – $300
  • Molotov – $400


  • Kevlar + Helmet – $1000
  • Kevlar (alone) – $650

Additional costs – $350 (if kevlar was already bought)

Roblox Counter Blox Trading

As player in Counter Blox, a time may come when you may see another player and want their item. For cases like this, Roblox already developed a trading system for players to make good and safe trades. Trading items in the counter blox requires you to be a premium member of Roblox. There’s no possible way you can initiate a trade if you don’t have a premium membership. If you’re on a premium subscription, you can follow the steps below to trade;

  • Log in to your Roblox counter blox account and find the player you’d like to trade with (through friend list or you can use the search bar at the top of the page)
  • Select the friend you’ll like to trade with and open their profile
  • Select the three dots at the right upper corner and when you see the menu option pop up, click on trade items.
  • A page will open and you will find the available items to trade in the player and your inventory
  • Click on the item you want to trade and it will be added to your offer list
  • Click on the item you want from the player and it will be added to your request list
  • Review the items you want to trade with to be sure you’re not making a mistake
  • After review, click on the make offer button and select the confirm option.
  • Roblox will send a message to the player and once the player accepts the offer, the trade will be successful.


The Roblox based game known as Counter Blox has proven to be the best one-person shooter game and since it’s developed by the ROLVe community, you should expect the best from it. It has awesome trading offers for all premium members. We hope you enjoy your game!




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