Bellinatus – Morin’s outlook

Storm Coast Astrariums: Puzzles, Location and Map

Storm coast Astrariums: Puzzles, Location and Map | Astrariums, which are also called planetariums, is the mechanical representation of the cyclic nature of astronomical objects in one timepiece which could also be called an astronomical clock.

The plot of the storm coast Astrariums was derived from the first Astraria which were mechanical devices. A scientist known as Archimedes allegedly used a primitive version that could predict the positions of the Sun, the Moon, and the planets. Astrarium is a free and open source desktop planetarium software for Windows. Storm coast Astrariums is the Astrarium collection in the game known as the dragon age: Inquisition. As you read through, you’ll find the location of the Astrarium in the storm coast including some additional information you might find useful.

Bellinatus – Morin’s outlook

Location of the Storm coast Astrariums

The Astrariums are scattered throughout the locations in the dragon age: Inquisition. As you already know, the dragon age: inquisition is a big game and because of that, they’re several collectibles dispersed around the map. These are Astrariums are very important collectibles that must be collected according to the plot of the game and this explains that these collectibles comprises of some important relics you might find useful during the game.

You must find three relics and collectibles on the storm coast and solve the puzzle to gain access to the special cave containing some rare loot and items. However, you must complete the Astrarium and to do that, you just have to connect all the stars of a particular constellation without drawing the exact same line twice. In the Storm coast, there are three locations of the Astrariums and when these locations are found and completed, the location of the cave would be revealed to you. You can find the entrance of the cave at the south west of the Bellitanus Astrariums in the landing of the apostate. The three locations of the Storm coast of the Astrariums are listed below;

  • Sevani – Great cave

The first Astrarium you must find in the Storm coast is located at the Sevani (great cave). This great cave can be found in the mountains which overlooks the cape in the Storm coast. One thing you must have in mind before solving the constellation in the Sevani Storm coast is that the Sevani constellation represents the slavery of Tevinter and that practice has been outlawed and frowned upon in most nations. The Tevinter slavery is associated with the old gods of Tevinter.

  • Fervenial – Apostate landing

The next location of the Astrarium in the Storm coast is at the Apostate landing. You can find it at the cape where there’s a rift just close to the northern side. There are several information on the history of the fervenial constellation. Most persons believe that it was found among the elves as a depiction of Andruil their goddess of hunt.

  • Bellinatus – Morin’s outlook

The last location of the Astrarium in the Storm coast is at the bellinatus. It is a little farther from the southern region but it is almost directly south of the outpost of the bandit in the north east region. The constellation in this location depicts the figure of a beautiful woman and many prominent and influential women believe it is fashionable to be associated with it.

Rewards and notable items

  1. Influence 150
  2. Codex entry
  3. Bane of red crossing item
  4. DAI-stafficon2 rare (Dreamweaver staff)
  5. Skyhold customization icon
  6. Prismatic great axe icon


When you complete all 3 Astrariums in the storm coast, you will find the location of the cave. The entrance of the cave is located just southwest of the bellinatus Astrarium found in the Apostate landing at the center eye of the purple area of uncertainty. We hope you find this helpful.

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