Stranded Deep Poisons | How to Cure Poison in Stranded Deep. There are several things that can cause the death of a player in stranded deep. One of the ways is through the use of deep poisons and just as you should know, getting poisoned is more common in stranded deep than anyone might think which is why all players are always advised to play safe in the world of stranded deep.

The poison is an effect that occurs when a player comes in contact with creatures such as Sea urchins, thorns starfish and lionfish. It’s very easy to know when you’ve been poisoned, since a message will emerge on the screen saying “the player feels ill” and in turn the player’s will turn tinged, green and several boils and rashes will appear on their arm. While the poison spreads in the body of the player, the health of the player will deplete slowly and if left untreated, the player will die. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the stranded deep poisons and how to cure it, as well as additional tips on how to avoid it early on.

Stranded Deep Poisons
Stranded Deep Poisons

How can a player get poisoned in stranded deep

There are numerous things that can detriment the health of a player in stranded deep. Some examples of such things includes; coming in contact with lionfish, snakes, crown of thorn starfish and sea urchins. This and many more poisons causes the death of a player in stranded deep. However, none of these things actively look out for the players and they do not trouble the player neither do they try to come in contact with the player when they’re alone but, as soon as the player gets close to them or steps on them mistakenly, they will be poisoned.

When a player comes in contact with a snake, it results in 75% damage points and poison effect but as for every other creature that comes in contact with the player, it leads to a direct poison effect since it inflicts poison which is detrimental to the health of the player.

How to cure stranded deep poisons

One of the best thing a player can do after getting poisoned is to look for an antidote and apply a cure. Most players on the stranded deep do not have the cures at hand, which is why after realizing they’ve been poisoned, they’ll need to make an antidote quickly. The antidote is an item that can be hand-made although it cannot be made by all players as it is only for those who have survived for long in the stranded deep and have gotten to the craftsmanship Level 3. You can make the antidote by following the two simple steps outlined below;

  1. To make the antidote, you will need one Pipi plant and one coconut flask. The Pipi plants are short, green plants on the ground and you can find them on several islands in the stranded deep while the coconut flask can be made by combining five fibrous leaves and a coconut.
  2. After getting the required ingredients, you’ll need to combine them to make an antidote which can be used to cure the poison.

Apart from using the antidote, another smart way you can cure the poison faster us by save-scumming and this is when the player saves supplements even before getting poisoned by the creatures.

How to avoid getting Poisoned

Since all players are not allowed to make their antidote each time they get poisoned, the best thing to do as a player is to avoid getting poisoned because if you eventually get poisoned in the beginning of the game, it can be very dangerous for you. Although It might seem impossible but with the tips listed below, you’ll be able to avoid getting ill.

  1. Each time you hear a snake hiss, move back or go through another path because it is a signal that if you come any closer, a snake might try to bite you.
  2. When you’re going through an island or water, always make use of raft as it will protect you from bumping into some sea creatures.
  3. Save more so that you can get the chance to reload if you get poisoned.
  4. Be mindful of places with objects like a tyre or leaf as crowns of thorns starfish are usually found in those areas.
  5. Be mindful of your surrounding whenever you’re mining clay deposits.


Getting poisoned in stranded deep is very detrimental to the health of a player and since it is very easy to get poisoned as there are several poisonous creatures in the oceans and on the Islands, players must be mindful of such poisonous creatures. The regular snakes may charge the player if the player gets too close owing to the fact that it can be shot with the projectile but unwary players must be mindful of such snakes.