Warframe Galatine Prime Build | Overview, Pros and Cons

Warframe Galatine Prime Build | Overview, Pros and Cons. If you’ve been playing Warframe for a period of time and you noticed that some of the mechanics may have been altered or your old builds aren’t as powerful as they used to be, then you should look into building a new elemental status and re-enroll for weapons like the Galatine Prime Build. The Warframe Galatine Prime Build is a new weapon known as the melee sword. It is a big and heavy sword and the Galatine Prime variant. It is a solid sword that weighs heavily and has the ability to kill a large number of foes as a result of its massive size.

Warframe Galatine Prime Build
Warframe Galatine Prime Build

Overview of the Galatine Prime Build

As aforementioned above, it is the prime variant of the Galatine sword and being as large as it is, it is considered as a symbolic heavy sword which has the power to kill multiple foes with just one swing. With its huge build, it has an unstoppable swing that can easily hit an enemy and when devised properly, it can be swung around with great speed and force. The Galatine Prime has so many sample build but the below mentioned can be used in so many situations.

  1. Blood Rush Sample Build

It is made with a pressure point which helps to increase  its overall damage in an unstoppable manner. This build is made of a berserker which increases the attack speed of the Galatine Prime, a primed reach to increase the radius of each swing and it has a critical mod known as the organ shatter and true steel which improves the critical multiplier. This sample build makes use of the blood Rush to improve the critical chance of the Galatine Prime that leads to a high damage output.

  1. Strike build

The Galatine Prime Build has a maiming strike build that causes a critical attack during a spin. It works with the blood Rush Sample Build to give a higher combo hit and to make good use of the critical chance for spin attacks. The spin attack can be used when attacking and finishing off the enemies at the end of the fight.

  1. Elemental build

Although the elemental build is similar to the other builds, it places more focus on an elemental damage. Depending on the mod used, an elemental combination can be formed and it causes a great amount of damage to the enemies as well as a chance to improve the status effect.

  1. Status build

This build utilities the status mod and the four elementary damages which includes the pressure point, primed reach, primed fury and condition overload. It causes a high damage to enemies and also increases the status effect which leads to different effects that results to several damages inflicted on the enemies.

Features of the Warframe Galatine Prime Build

Apart from having so many builds that can be useful in different situations, the Galatine Prime Build has remarkable features and there are thousands of ways to utilize this weapon but it solely depends on the mod and how you wish to use it. The Galatine Prime Build has the following features;

  • Critical chance: Dealing with a critical chance of 20%
  • Damage: 4.1 impact, 4.1 puncture and 156.8 slash
  • Attack speed: An attack speed of 1
  • Damage block: 85% of damage block
  • Spin attack: 330
  • Leap attack: 165
  • Status: A proc status effect chance of 20%
  • Wall attack: 330
  • Critical multiplier: 2× damage


  • Massive slash harm
  • Heavy damage in block
  • Increased critical attack
  • Increased chance of status
  • Increased speed during attack
  • 2 polarities available
  • Heavy radius during swings
  • Lockdown can be resisted during attacks
  • Increased range of attack
  • Lands easy headshots even with the slash damage


  • Momentum required for every swing
  • Low critical chance during impact
  • Low damage in puncture
  • Low disposition during attacks

How to acquire the Galatine Prime Build

To acquire the Galatine Prime Build, you must obtain the blueprint and craft it out. It has a blueprint of Axi G1 and Meso G1, a blade of Lith S7, Meso C2, Meso S2, Meso S4, Meso S6, Neo N6, Neo V2, Neo V3, Axi N4 and Axi O2 and a handle of Lith S5, Neo V2, Neo Z1, Axi K2, Axi O1 and Axi V6. The relics in the Galatine Prime are usually vaulted but the ones already in the possession of the players are still open and in use.


The Warframe Galatine Prime Build is the most powerful weapon that has ever been made and this is not due to the physical status alone, it is also as a result of the attack speed and the critical damage. Asides from the swings, the Galatine Prime is also built for the effectiveness of players as it helps to improve flexibility with its impressive stance.


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